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We have moved our location inside the Krisp Market.  
We are now located in the very back of the store.
Best Damn Hop Sale @ The Best Damn Home Brew Shop 
1036 7th ave 92101 call ahead to ensure these varieties are in 
stock 619-232-6367.  We are offering all of our hop varieties 
at a discounted rate at both the 1 pound and 2 ounce size.
We do not offer our 15% club discount on those 2 ouncers with 
an asterisk.
2 ounces sale prices:
UK East Kent Golding, Simcoe, Citra, NZ Nelson, Mosaic, Styrian Golding, Czech Saaz, 
 Magnum,  Halletaur, Ahtanum, Amarillo,  Hersbrucker, HBC 342,
Cascade, Centennial
  $3.99 , 
Chinook, Apollo, Belma, Bramling Cross,Calypso, Fuggle, Aus Galaxy, Galena, US Golding, DF Spalt, Horizon, Liberty, Nugget, Northern Brewer, NZ Motuka, Mt. Hood, Perle,  US Saaz, Sorachi Ace, Willamette, Warrior, Tettanger, Sterling $2.99 Crystal, Glacier, Palisade 

1 pound prices (No 15% Club Discount): 
$20.99 Amarillo, Loose Amarillo 
$28.99 Citra 
$25.99 Loose Simcoe, Mosaic,  
$24.99 Nelson, Centennial 
$21.99 Magnum
$20.99 Simcoe, East Kent Golding, Sorachi Ace, Czech Saaz 
$19.99 German Halletaur, Belma, Willamette
$17.99 Nugget, Palisade, Perle 
$16.99 Cascade, US Golding, Chinook, Loose Cascade, Loose Crystal, 
Loose Sterling 
$17.99 Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus Pellets, Loose Willamette, AUS Galaxy 
$12.99 Glacier, Palisade